Magical Connections

Thank Goddess Soul Apothecary

At Thank Goddess, Jenifer Edwards uses plant based products sourced locally as well as a combination of essential oils and herbs procured from the finest apothecary’s around the world. At Thank Goddess, Jen offers skin care, microdermabrasian and body treatments.  making personalized products for clients and their individual needs.

The Soul Apothecary is where you’ll find Reiki, Astrology, Sacred Geometry, Manifestation and Moon Magic.

The Frosted Flower- Standish maine

I'At the Frosted Flower you can count on a homegrown organic experience! Knowledgeable caregivers who make some of the best CBD salves, lotions and oils around!  their  CBD massage salve is the ONLY  CBD salve i use on my massage clients! 

Serendipity Photography

 Jennifer Dumont.  Mother. Artist. Sun-worshipper. Adventurer. Lover of the Light. I happily stumbled into portrait photography in 2010, and sweet Serendipity emerged.  Located in southern Maine, beautiful scenic backdrops are found around every bend.  I look forward to each and every adventurous, wonder-filled session, smiling til our cheeks hurt, and capturing precious moments in time for you.  


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